1. What is Shine?
    A program that instills moral character, in every person enabling him/her to become a model citizen, shining everywhere he / she  goes.
    (Exclusively for Northwest Bilingual School)

  1. Why?

  • Moral values are an integral part of who we are

  • Through our moral values we develop communication, trust and understanding

  • A person’s character cannot be separated from his ethical, moral,  emotional, social, and educational wellbeing

  1. Target? 
    Instilling values that once learned in childhood, they will guide our actions into adulthood and for life

  1. How?
    In a collaborative, well developed and interactive method which encourages every child to shine within his/her environment in a positive manner

  1. Where did the idea start? 
    The idea started with observations of our society and the need for strong positive moral character development that instills and nurtures the ideals and values of our culture, citizenship, heritage, language, faith and pride

  2. Why the name Shine?
    Our display of moral character is what makes us  “Shine”

  1. Our vision?
    To develop a generation of high moral standards